What Is The MTP Scorekeeper®?

The MTP Scorekeeper® is a simple battery powered device that attaches to a rapid infuser. When a blood component is given, it is logged on the device so that at a glance the transfusion ratios can be seen and kept on track.

This device was created out of a need encountered during various Trauma Ready® consulting experiences. Trauma Centers were running into the same problem repeatedly, and no one had a straight forward solution to the problem.

It’s the simple solution to a very common problem.

How did anyone live without it?


Can you relate to this scenario?


Why do I need this at my Trauma Center?

  1. Managing your transfusion ratios improves outcomes

  2. Regulatory bodies for trauma accreditation require documentation of balanced resuscitations

  3. Staff find that the MTP Scorekeeper makes managing a Massive Transfusion much easier


What makes the MTP Scorekeeper® so great?


•Easy to see from across the room

•Timers and chimes help prevent task fixation

•Water resistant and easy to clean

•Intuitive design

•Internal rechargeable battery

•Travels with your rapid infuser


How much does it cost?

One unit cost around the same as the blood products used during a single Massive Transfusion

In other words, for the cost of running one MTP, you can improve all your MTPs


How do I get one?

That’s easy, just contact us