We help trauma centers achieve excellence and increased profits by pinpointing and executing measurable quality process improvements—so that they are ready for whatever comes next.

Trauma Ready Consulting™ can be thought of as a one-stop shop for anything related to Trauma Center or Acute Care Surgery service creation, development, optimization or adjustment. These are the areas we have experience with:

  • Creating an Acute Care Surgery service line from scratch

  • Preparing hospitals for Trauma Accreditation

  • Analyzing revenue patterns and creating detailed action plans to increase charge capture

  • Managing deficiencies noted on verification site visits

  • Providing unbiased, practical advise on new technologies such as REBOA, TEG/ROTEM and mobile applications and creating a strategy to implement them

  • Creating technological solution for Trauma Centers, such as placing trauma protocols on a mobile application or setting up simulators.


What We've CREATED

  • MTP Scorekeeper™: A device that keeps track of blood component ratios during massive transfusions

  • The Trauma Ready™ REBOA Database: This is a clearing house for information related to REBOA and serves as a database of centers using this technology

  • Doctor Juggler: This is a scheduling application that allows providers to sign up for shifts using text messages and automatically creates a monthly on-call schedule

  • Doctor Timecard™: A mobile application where providers log their on-call hours, and patient care hours, and submit them to a supervisor for approval

  • Sobertime™: A mobile phone application that calculates when an intoxicated patient can be safely discharged from the ER

  • Lab Pocket Protocols™: A mobile phone version of your facility’s Trauma protocols

  • Wearable cognitive assistance devices, in conjunction with VIZR Tech